As a Designer and Consultant in the Theater world, Michael Bautista has had the opportunity of opening two performing arts centers, consulted on many new theaters and remodels of existing theaters in the Midwest. As a designer he has designed two world premiers in opera and Music Theater, numerous plays and musicals and various independent projects in interior design and 3-dimensional design.

As an educator Michael Bautista has opened a magnet school for the arts, has taught at both levels of education, public schools and higher education. He also has been an administrator at both levels of education. He believes in integrating general core subject matters with the passion of the student and integrates the passion with the general core subject matters. The student will then see the connections of how each area affects the other and how they are bound together and build upon each other in this world.

With his adventures to China he has created a spectacular China Collection of photographs that capture the essence of China, it’s decorative arts and the people of this ancient world.

His adventures to the nation’s capitol have allowed him to take photos of the WWII Monument to this nation’s veterans of World War II. The monument is spectacular in vision and will be a continual reminder to us of what our men and women of the armed forces went through in early part of the 20th Century during WWII.

The Rocky Mountains and nature are also favorite themes of Michael Bautista’s camera. Here you will find spectacular photos of the Rocky Mountains and wildlife.